Vision and revision


Project by VGO
Year 2017

In collaboration with Áron Fekete, Máté Novák

Budapest does not operate with a significant main square. The Nyugati square with its surrounding is located in the intersection of four districts serving different qualities. This diversity concerns both cultural and consumer habits as well as one of the most complex infrastructural layers consisting of the M3 Metro line, the Railway station, the 4-6 trams, not to mention the pedestrian traffic. Still, many of the urbanist phenomenons do not provide a consistant solution for the whole.

The Eiffel Hall used to represent top notch architectural quality, which had lost its main functional aspects due to rise of the digital revolution. The diagonally fragmented structure of the Nyugati underground does not only restricts the walkthrough but its convex space distribution hosts many low-range services, guerilla occupations and most importantly slams.

We propose the new MÁV HQ that elevates over its prescious past, promoting the ultimate symbol of the city’s main square. It overcomes, but also pays tribute with its contextually semi-appropriate apparel. We open-up the underground world (literally) and define three main entrances leading us to the most significant pedestrian conjunctions. The neutral buffer zone is set as an empty space within the Eiffel Hall. We create an cultural avenue, which runs through district VI. and XIII. as a parallel offset of the Boulevard and reconnects the Margharet island with a pedestrian-bridge.