Competition - Honorable mention

Project by Viola Bálint, Nóra Debrei, Ábel Bálint
Year 2017

The Stone Barn Meditation Camp aims to bring together the principles of preservation, self-sufficiency and eco-tourism to be rooted on the fundamental ideas of contemplation and meditation.

Our ability to be fully present and aware of our physical situation but also be able to detach ourselves from our judgements and thoughts can lit up unexpected parts in our brain and reform our minds. This so called mindfulness is something we all naturally possess, but we have to practice regularly to achieve it. During meditation we can train our consciousness through awareness, observation, attention, non-attachment etc. to find our own internal peace.

The most common thing that can help us in this practice is to concentrate on our own breath – feel it and control it and you can forget about all the millions of other things going on around you. It is not just relaxing for your body but also for your soul; with analyzing every little momentum you can eliminate hatred, anger etc. and concentrate on developing love, compassion, patience and other positive energies instead. One particular yoga method called reversive breathing can help you to reach mindfulness faster. By practicing breathing the other way around, instead of the natural process, you can pay extremely close attention to it.