Csepel Revision
Introduction of h/m2


Project by VGO
In collaboration with Barnabás Cseszlai, Áron Fekete, Máté Novák
Year 2016

We understand each concerned complex as an urban phenomenom. Phenomenoms as their contextual-denial apparel comes along with raw functionalism. Its character comes from the parasites that take place under the giant platform supported by rough raster distribution. These both theoretical and structural guidelines brings an excellent base to our approach to be built on.

The diagram represents the daily activities of different age groups. An average value were made out of all activities. There are four stages of activities: 20-50-75-100%. The raster of the building is 12x12 meters, which means the smallest portion takes a net of 144 m2. The 144 m2 covers 75% of activity rate, which degrades the least active areas (25%) to 36 m2 only. The most active stage (100%) operates at 288 m2. The least used activities can be executed within 3 hours, while the most teeming acts functions in 24 hours. The architectural program is defined by hour/m2 measure.The base unit is 3h/36m2.