Critics on hungarian architecture scene


Project by Márton Pintér
Year 2016

The collective series of potential Gellérthegy Competition entries were created (way before the official results) because I got mad on the predictable domestic architecture scene. The domestic architecture scene is basically featureless, therefore we keep seeking for characteristics. We tend to explain how one homogeneous approach is better than another one. We state that the client is dumb.

All the offices are looking for CAD monkeys, while all the CAD monkeys are impatient to show off as individuals. Nobody speaks languages, but keep searching for idols regardlessly. On the top of that, we do not even try to trust and reuse our own toolkit and skillset, which leads us to an endless replica-inspirational approach. We hire people as full-time Pinterest Managers.

This querky collection merges the previously introduced statements image by image and confronts our overdimensioned low-midrange domestic architecture scene with some inconvenient critics.